Candidate Testimonials

Head of Ecommerce – Consumer Goods Business - Peterborough

"I worked with Will recently while taking the next step in my career, and throughout the process Will was a great professional. He understood my requirements, my strengths, and what I was looking for in a company. With the help, research and preparation that Will provided ensured the recruitment process was quick, efficient and enjoyable – just how it should be. I can highly recommend Will, whether you’re looking for your next career move, or finding a new recruit to join the team."

Senior Product Manager – Construction Business - Leicestershire

"Will stands out as an exceptional recruitment professional. His attention to detail, commitment to clients and proactive approach throughout the recruitment process ensured my latest placement was completed smoothly, swiftly and professionally. A great example of how recruitment should be done. Thank you Will."

Digital Marketing Executive – Leisure Business - Hemel Hempstead

"Will is one of the best recruiters if not the best recruiter I have come across. His assistance, manner, support, communication and advice is commendable. Thanks Will - I'm looking forward to beginning my new job adventure 🙂"

Digital Marketing Manager – Education Organisation - Milton Keynes

"Will was instrumental in my job hunt and helped me to find my new job. He has been very professional at all times and gave me a really good insight of the company and the role prior to the interview. He was also very keen to receive feedback after the interview and answered all questions I had, in detail. Overall, I am really pleased with Will's help and professionalism in my job search."

Marketing Executive - Automotive Business - Northampton

"Will was incredibly supportive and helpful in my job hunting journey. His insights and advice on current CV writing techniques has been invaluable and immediately made my quest for a new role more successful. I would highly recommend him."

Product Marketing Manager - Construction Business - Leicestershire

"Will stands out as an exceptional recruitment professional. His attention to detail, commitment to clients and proactive approach throughout the recruitment process ensured my latest placement was completed smoothly, swiftly and professionally. A great example of how recruitment should be done. Thank you Will."

Graphic Designer - Services Business - Milton Keynes

"Will's reassuring, warm and professional demeanor has made the experience of finding a new job as smooth as possible. I am a novice when it comes to interviews so Will's plan of action has helped me overcome the tense interrogations resulting in the company offering me the role after two interview stages. I was also impressed that Will suggested a friendly face-to-face appointment with myself to prepare for the interviews despite living a few towns away - a true indication of his commitment to the cause. Although my previous recruiters have been great, Will stands above them all due to his in-depth knowledge, superb attitude and true conviction to do best by you."

Content Editor - Manufacturing Business - Northampton

"My interview success with Will at Proximity Recruitment has nothing short of excellent. From the initial pre-interview chat right through to final interview, all questions have been answered professionally and with a level of personalisation unmatched. I was prepared for interviews unlike any other time when dealing with previous Recruitment Agencies."

Social Media Manager - Training Services Business - London

"I thoroughly recommend proximity recruitment for jobs in London and within the digital sector. As a recruitment agency, they take care of you every step of the way, to ensure that you are having a good experience. I found them to be very supportive, understanding and reactive, especially when I had a problem that needed solving. I would refer them to a friend."

Marketing Communications Manager - Construction Business - Staffordshire

"Will offered outstanding support and advice during my career move. The thorough preparation and attention to detail prior to interviews was second to none and ensured that I was fully equipped to deal with the interview process.  The small things from the regular communication between interviews to a good luck text on my first day set Will and Proximity Recruitment apart from all other recruitment agencies I have worked with."

Digital Designer - Consumer Products Business - Bedford

"Will at Proximity is the best recruiter I have dealt with. He gets you fully prepared and gives you great tips on how to interview well. He also contacts you before the interview and afterwards to check in on how you got on. A great service all round!"

Marketing Analytics Manager - Software Firm - Nottingham

"Will Thomas has by far been the best recruiter I've ever had the pleasure of working with. His transparency, regular communication, invaluable advice, and unwavering professionalism in securing me a new position has set him aside from all previous recruiters I've worked with. I couldn't recommend him enough if you are looking for a new position, and am sure both himself and Proximity will continue to grow as brand names in recruitment for the Marketing sector."

Communications Specialist - Logistics Organisation - West Midlands

"Will has been fantastic in helping me secure my new role and was very understanding of my personal situation, ambitions and requirements. He helped me pre and post interview to land a great job and has given me plenty of feedback and support."

Copywriter - Consumer Products Business - Northamptonshire

"Unlike many recruiters, Will was always pleasant to deal with, and never pushy. He cares about finding a role that's actually right for you, and it was refreshing to be treated like a person, not just another job hunter."

Communications Manager - Manufacturing & Distribution Firm - Northamptonshire

"If you’re looking for someone to provide 360 support on your career journey, I can’t recommend Will more highly. The speed in which he turned round the initial conversation, interview, negotiation and offer for a recent role was phenomenal. He was contactable at every stage and kept me informed during the whole process. His attention to detail, human nature and personable approach is what makes him a first class recruiter. It’s been a pleasure to work with Will and I look forward to many more years of his first class support."

Marketing Manager - Software Business - Nottingham

"Will takes the time to understand what a candidate is looking for and ensures the preparation and insights necessary for interview success are in place from the start. A really nice guy to boot, I am happy to recommend him."

Marketing Manager - Utilities Firm - Milton Keynes

"I can honestly say that Will is brilliant at his job. Not only is he great at what he does, he is a lovely person that makes the whole experience a easy and relaxed. He’s with you every step of the way and always gets back to your questions as quick as possible. The turn around from when we first spoke about the role to first and second interview was incredibly quick, not to mention his encouragement and help which felt he was doing something more than your average recruiter. I’m very lucky to of had Will reach out to me! Thanks again Will!"

Marketing Manager - Wholesale Business - Leicestershire

"As a candidate, I was recruited into a fabulous role through Will. He was very committed to both getting the right candidate for his client and ensuring that the role was right for me. He spent a great deal of his time questioning each and every aspect of my experience and making sure I had prepared fully for the interview. He was very responsive prior to interview and kept me updated thereafter. I was very impressed as a candidate. I have also completed a lot of recruitment myself in previous roles and if I ever find myself in the situation where I am recruiting I will definitely be looking to work with Will again."

Digital Optimisation Manager - Manufacturing Firm - Northampton

"Will Thomas went above and beyond what any traditional recruitment company has offered me before, in terms of; advice, processes and knowledge on the role/company. Will's collaborative approach to each step of the interview process helped me structure my research and interview time, whilst ensuring I was able demonstrate my professional and personal qualities. He offered support and advice along the way, throwing questions for me to answer and giving useful constructive feedback. Will had a genuine sense that he cared about each client/role he worked for/with - Which can be a rarity in the recruitment industry."

Insight Analytics Manager - Financial Services Business - Northamptonshire

"Being completely detached from the employment process as a candidate, Proximity Recruitment, could only be described as a step above the rest. Where others can secure interviews, Proximity will make contact via phone, video and email to advise about the recruiter, the role, and most importantly your own motivations. A winning combination  of communication and preparation lead by Proximity, landed me my next challenge."

Digital Marketing Manager - Leisure Organisation - London

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Will. He was engaged, friendly and professional. No doubt the best recruiter I have worked with, and has restored my faith in agencies. He provided  masses of support with multiple phone calls, emails and even mock interviews via Skype. I would highly recommend Will to both candidates and companies as he ensures the fit for both parties will be ideal."

Copywriter - Manufacturing & Services Business - Northamptonshire

"Will’s thorough understanding and passion for the digital marketing recruitment landscape is unrivaled and helped me secure two copywriting positions, one temporary and one permanent, over the last year. His detailed knowledge of all marketing disciplines, and how they closely interact with each other, means he places candidates in the right roles based on their experience and ambitions. He also provides plenty of valuable pre-interview information and insight, ensuring his candidates are fully prepared to land the position they are going for."

Digital Marketing Manager - Utilities Firm - Buckinghamshire

"Sometimes it’s not the size of the business that matters but the service. Proximity Recruitment and in particular, Will Thomas treat you as though you are their only client. Will takes the time time to understand your needs and match you to the right role.  His relationships with the companies he represents mean that he understands just who they are looking resulting in the right match. Prior to the interview, Will supports with FaceTime, mock interviews and most importantly, words of encouragement. Post interview, he is the applicants advocate ensuring that you get the best offer on the table. If Will was running a dating agency rather than recruitment, all his matches would ending in King term marriage."

PPC Specialist - Utilities Firm - Milton Keynes

"Will has been fantastic in helping me find my new role, he's taken the time to understand who I am on both a professional and personal level and doing so has found the role which fit me best with the best opportunities. Will has been a constant help, going above and beyond throughout the entire process providing support at every stage and tailored advice to help with re-writing my CV and answering interview questions. Will has even gone so far as to remain in contact after placing me to ensure that I'm comfortable in my new role."

Copywriter - Manufacturing Business - Northampton

"As someone with considerable experience working with recruitment people, I would highly recommend Will at Proximity Recruitment. As well as being a genuine, down to earth bloke I always enjoy talking to, I really value his wealth of knowledge and experience. In the time we have been working together, he has done everything a good recruiter should do. Listen, ask questions, offer well-informed, expert advice, and above all – put relationships before short-term gains. Unlike many other recruiters I speak to, Will really understands marketing and the value a good copywriter can bring to a business. Before my interview, he knew exactly what the client was looking for. His no-nonsense approach and expert advice proved invaluable in helping me put my best self forward. Thank you, Will"

Social Media Executive - Charity - Northamptonshire

"From my initial contact to finding the right role, I always felt supported by Will and Proximity Recruitment. It's important to feel you have a recruiter who genuinely has your best interest at heart so it was easy for me to feel comfortable during preparation and take advice on board. I was especially pleased by the ongoing support I received during the early stages of finding my new role, having an ally willing to stand by you was particularly beneficial for me."

Ecommerce Executive - Wholesale Firm - Bedfordshire

"Having moved to a small town it was difficult to find a job locally. Will not only helped me find one close to where I live, the position was also an exact match to my skill set. Will made the whole process quite smooth with lots of support and efficient communication between myself and the company. Highly recommended!"

Marketing Manager - Software Business - Loughborough

"I worked with Will Thomas, Director of Proximity Recruitment, between May and June 2018. Initially Will made contact via LinkedIn with a tantalising job opportunity and after requesting the job description and exploring the company's website, I made the decision to apply, despite being employed in a full-time permanent position at the time.  From the very start I found Will to be incredibly communicative and supportive. The process began with a FaceTime call in which Will took me through a variety of practical ways to prepare for the stage one competency-based interview. Upon successful completion of the first interview, Will and I touched base and I found it extremely useful to have Will as a sounding board. Shortly thereafter Will called me to let me know that I had been accepted to the stage two interview in which I would be required to undertake a task. As soon as the task was released, Will scheduled time with me to discuss the brief and was particularly diligent in helping me to analyse the copy for specific objectives that needed to be addressed in my presentation. Will even went so far as to review my final presentation draft outside of working hours - true dedication to the cause! Needless to say, I was offered the position and there is no doubt in my mind that the quality of advice and support provided by Will throughout the process was a huge contributing factor to my success."

Digital & Ecommerce Manager - Retail Organisation - West Midlands

"My skills, personality and ambitions matches exactly with the job role. From the very first conversation over the phone you were in constant contact with me to make sure I’m happy with with the role and if it’s the career path I want. Thank you William!"

Digital Marketing Executive - Services Business - Milton Keynes

"My experience of working with Will was exceptional. Will is very dedicated to his clients, he went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for the interview and provided an approachable but professional service. I am very fortunate to of had Will reach out to me. Highly recommended."

Digital Designer - Marketing Agency - Northamptonshire

"Connecting with Will on LinkedIn was great! He took into consideration my skill set, goals and interests. Will was quick to respond to any questions I had and great at supporting and advising me throughout the interview process, which was also very speedy. Thank you for helping me take the next steps in my career!"

Senior Mobile Manager - Technology Firm - London

"I've really appreciated Will's work and expertise from the first message he sent me. Will has always been quick, clear and very responsive regarding all the questions I had for the role. He really helped a lot to prepare the interview and arrange all the meetings to make it easier for me. His work played a big part in my decision to take the position."

Marketing Assistant - Technology Business - Huntingdon

"I couldn't have been happier with Will's assistance in helping me find my amazing new role in Marketing! Will contacted me and let me know about the amazing role available, but it didn't stop there. Before interviews Will prepped me extensively and went through all the questions he thought might come up and we worked out suitable answers together. The same applied for my second interview. If ever I needed any assistance, Will was immediately there to help - even when on paternity leave! I just want to say a huge thank you to Will for allowing me to progress professionally and bagsy myself my dream job! My only wish is that I came into contact with him sooner. Will did absolutely everything to go above and beyond to help me find my perfect career. I couldn't recommend him more!"

Marketing Coordinator - Manufacturing Firm - Daventry

"Will from Proximity Recruitment put me in touch with two great companies with roles that I was exactly looking for! I was so impressed with Will's communication throughout the whole process and the fact that the jobs he found for me matched my skills and experience. I had successfully secured two interviews with both of these companies and got offered both roles (even though I had to pick one). I would therefore definitely recommend this recruitment company for anyone."

Digital Designer - Retail Organisation - Birmingham

"Will has provided a great quality of service - his support was invaluable and very encouraging in preparation for interviews, communication clear and in perfect timing to give confidence in a waiting process. Recruitment at it’s best."

Freelance Illustrator - Manufacturing Business - Northampton

"Will at Proximity Recruitment contacted me regarding a role he was recruiting for, after a discussion guiding me through the requirements and responsibilities of the role Will agreed to put me forward. Will supported me through the application, interview and in accepting the role. Will also guided me through some additional processes that meant I could achieve more within the role. Will is always on hand, a great source of knowledge should I need advice or support within my role."

Senior Account Manager - Marketing Agency - Nottingham

"Will is a professional but friendly recruiter. From our first call I felt very at ease with Will. He helped me prepare for the multiple stages of the interview and made me feel like I was spending my preparation time in the right areas. I was kept up-to-date through the entire process. Will handled any communication needed directly with the client, including salary negotiation. Overall I couldn’t recommend Will enough."

Social Media Strategist - Technology Firm - Hertfordshire

"Throughout the process, Will offered constant support and advice that gave me the information needed for a successful application. I highly recommend Will’s services and would not hesitate to work with him again if the need ever arose."

Communications Officer - Engineering Business - Bedfordshire

"Will is one of the best recruiters I have worked with. He took the time to understand what I was looking for and found a number of roles perfect for me. He was very supportive throughout the application and interview process, giving excellent advice throughout. He was also great at keeping in communication with me at each stage, something I have found other recruiters can lack. I would highly recommend his services."

Paid Media Manager - Manufacturing Firm - Milton Keynes

"The quality of service I received from Will was excellent, I was kept up to date at all times through the 3 stage interview process. Will helped me with interview preparation and gave me excellent advise on interview questions and techniques and a history on the company. Will was encouraging and helped me relax before each interview. I would definitely recommend proximity recruitment and particularly Will. I'm now in a job I love."

Senior Advertising Operations Manager - Technology Firm - London

"As a candidate I was recruited into a really interesting and challenging role thanks to Will. He took his time to give me really qualified advice in relation to the position and the work environment as well. I truly appreciated his flexibility and his insights necessary for interview success. I can honestly say that Will was super helpful and is a great recruiter, I am really happy to recommend him."

Assistant Product Manager - Technology Business - Huntingdon

"From the first phone call informing me of the role, I was supported all the way through, receiving critical advice from Will's knowledge of the business. Every call left me confident, knowing exactly what I needed to do to secure the role. Incredible knowledge of the industry and what certain employers are looking for in the ideal candidate."

Senior Marketing Coordinator - Software Firm - Leicester

"Will is one of those rare recruiters who supports and guides you through the entire process from selection to eventual successful employment, even providing an aftercare service to make sure you are happily settled in your new role. A total professional and expert within his field, he is also a pleasure to work with due to his warm and friendly personality. I would unhesitatingly recommend Will to help find the right role for you."

SEO Executive - Retail Organisation - Birmingham

"Will from Proximity Recruitment is very thorough, professional and friendly. Not only he provided me with all the information I needed for the interview but he also took time to guide me through the preparation process, highlighting areas which helped me to impress my now current employer. Will kept me updated throughout and stayed in touch after I secured the position. I have dealt with numerous recruiters in the past but Will stands out with his professional and interpersonal skills. I would highly recommend Will & Proximity Recruitment to anyone looking for a new position."

Product Manager - Distribution Firm - Leicestershire

"I have to say Proximity Recruitment is the best recruitment agency I have come across. I was fortunate to have been contacted by Will for a potential new role which I was successful for. Will makes the effort to get to know you as a person, will give you the attention, support and focus needed throughout the process; keeping you informed at every stage. This is a level of service which I would say is rare these days when looking for roles through recruitment agencies. Will is very good at his job and I would highly recommend Proximity Recruitment to anyone."

Marketing Coordinator - Wholesale Business - Daventry

"Will reached out with my ideal job role and gave great support throughout the whole process; ending with me securing the role! Will is a dedicated recruiter who shows genuine interest in his candidates - A breath of fresh air within agency recruitment."

Junior Graphic Designer - Charity - Corby

"Will gave me excellent advice and support in gaining my first job position after graduating from university. He gave me ongoing encouragement throughout the process right from applying and preparing me for the interview to ensuring I had feedback and was ready to start the role. I honestly did not think I fitted the job description, but I was so wrong, the internship ended up being my favourite job I have ever had and I did not want to leave! Will continued communicate with me throughout my employment to ask how I was getting on, which I thought was great. I would definitely recommend Proximity Recruitment in the future to anyone I know looking for a role within Marketing."

Digital Copywriter - Technology Firm - Hertfordshire

"I highly recommend Will. He has been incredibly helpful at all stages of the process, giving solid advice and answering all questions. He was always contactable, and his approach was friendly, supportive and encouraging. In particular, Will made sure I was properly prepared for the interview, providing me with invaluable assistance. It is because of him that I have my new role."

Head of Digital - Automotive Business - Stratford

"I had never heard of Proximity Recruitment until I stumbled across them on a LinkedIn job ad, and I have to say I am so glad I found them. Wills superior level of advice and guidance through every step of the recruitment process was top notch, and helped me secure that dream job I stumbled across on LinkedIn. I felt like I had a switched on pro in my corner, and would not hesitate to recommend Will."

Marketing Assistant - Retail - Flitwick

"I recently used Will’s recruitment services for a role as Marketing Assistant. After applying for a role he was advertising for on LinkedIn I heard backed from him the next morning and I had an interview arranged the next day! Throughout the process Will was extremely supportive, giving advice on interview tips and preparation which really came in useful and really knew the company where I was going to interview. Overall Will was great and helped to land my first role in marketing since coming out of university. Always on the end of the phone when I needed him, would definitely use him again (but hopefully won’t be needing to any time in the near future!)."

Digital Copywriter - Technology - Hatfield

"Will was incredibly supportive throughout the whole process from before application making sure the fit was right with both me and the business right through to some interview preparation. His communication was great and he always kept me in the loop during the process of application, task and interview. The whole process was made much smoother (and less stressful) with Will's help"

Digital Marketing Executive - Agency - Banbury

"Will was very helpful in assisting me to find a new role. He took time to help improve my interview techniques and communicate updates with me. Highly recommend."

Digital Designer - Technology - Hertfordshire

"I had the pleasure of working with Will at Proximity Recruitment. Will got in touch regarding a potential role, and thanks to his hard work I was working with the company in next to no time. Will constantly checked in throughout my placement to see how it was going, which was a really nice touch. Highly recommend!"

Social Media Assistant - Healthcare - Northampton

"Will was incredibly helpful to me during my time looking for a job. He is a great communicator and supported me during the interview process."

Social Media Assistant - Agency - Banbury

"I received an amazing level of support and advice throughout my recruitment journey with Proximity. Will helped me prepare for every step of the process, from my initial interview to my assessment stage, and followed up after I started the job to make sure I was happy and settling into the role. The level of communication was fantastic, I had access to email- and phone-based support any time I needed it."

Senior Marketing Executive - Manufacturing & Wholesale - Nottingham

"I happened to be made redundant due to covid and I was in actively looking for a marketing role. During the process I had come across some dubious well-known recruitment agencies and had not enjoyed how the conversations were going. After speaking to Will at proximity recruitment it set my mind at ease and I soon found a role I wanted at a company I now love working for. If it hadn't been for that reassurance that Will provided during the tough time with the other recruiter I wouldn't have been placed in this great job I'm now in."

Freelance Videographer - Technology - Hertfordshire

"I'm a Freelance Videographer and Photographer. I had an incredible service from Proximity Recruitment and Will Thomas. Will was instrumental in positioning me into a contract for a few months, creating video content with one of the UK's biggest companies. This was a lucrative volume of work and Proximity Recruitment were fantastic - checking in with me at several points throughout the contract to see how things were going and passing on excellent feedback from the client on my performance at the end. I couldn't recommend these guys enough for finding and attaching the right person to the right role."

Marketing Assistant - Healthcare - Northampton

"Will was very helpful in my job search which I was grateful for, especially during the pandemic and the added uncertainty of the situation. He prepared me well for my interviews and provided invaluable advice throughout the process."

eCommerce Manager - FMCG - Leicester

"Thorough and professional. Will talked me through the whole process, informed me every step of the way and took the lead in salary and package negotiations. Communication was key to secure me a fantastic role. Highly recommended."

Marketing Executive - Technology - Northamptonshire

"Will was extremely attentive and personable throughout the job placement process, aiding me in interview techniques and relevant information where applicable. I found him very easy to work with and would certainly recommend to anyone in need of job-search assistance and/or services!"

Digital Analytics Specialist - Healthcare - Leicester

"Will has provided the best support throughout the hiring process: clear and prompt communication, transparent feedbacks and great negotiation skills!"

Digital Product Manager - Manufacturing - Northamptonshire

"Throughout my application process Will was extremely helpful in managing my expectations for the next steps in the process and building my confidence before each interview. Being able to chat open and honestly with someone through the various stages of my application and having someone to review any work I was submitting was invaluable. Will contacted me before every interview to ensure I was comfortable with what to expect. I can't recommend working with Will enough!""

Digital Merchandiser - Education - Nottinghamshire

"After posting my CV across numerous job sites, I was approach by Will with the ideal job opportunity to help me further my career and expand on my existing digital knowledge. Will's approach to sharing job descriptions, advice and feedback are without fault. This helped me walk into my interview with optimism and confidence, as Will highlighted key strengths I posses in my CV that relate to the job requirements. Communication between us was timely and information presented was always thorough - so I was sure that the job was for me! Will is great at being personable and encouraging, with phone calls to help you prepare for your informal/formal interview/s and to also check in with you afterwards to see how it all went. Very grateful for him helping me secure an amazing job opportunity"

Marketing Manager - Construction - West Midlands

"Very smooth process, good communication throughout and the best possible outcome. Will contacted me on the Monday to discuss the role, had provided a thorough brief and organised an interview by the Wednesday - followed by an offer by the Friday. Would definitely recommend Proximity - thank you Will 🙂"

Marketing & Events Coordinator - Manufacturing - Daventry

"Having not been to a job interview in many years, I was really nervous. But with the support and preparation they gave me during the process, it helped ease away any nerves I had. They were nothing but helpful and professional and I would highly recommend them"

Graphic Designer - Manufacturing - Kettering

"I've worked with Will twice, one for a contract design job and another for a permanent graphic design role. Will reached out to me about the roles and was incredibly helpful throughout, he gave me plenty of information regarding the roles and gave me loads of tips and suggestions before the interviews. I felt a lot more at ease because of this and aced both interviews! I'm now 4 months into my second role which I really enjoy and plan to stay here for a long time."

Digital & Social Media Lead - Automotive - Northampton

"Will is the only recruiter who has ever actually helped me. He's not only extremely friendly and professional, he also advised me on how to fine-tune my scary presentation for a huge job opportunity. He phoned me on the same day I presented to check in and... I GOT THE JOB, which is the best testament to his experience. Will also contacted me before my first day to ask how I was feeling which was a really nice touch."