Our Psychometrics Partner

Psychometric tests are of growing importance in the world of recruitment. Our long-term partnerships with our clients based in the Midlands & Home Counties are fuelled by successful placements and we see psychometrics as a key ingredient to this shared success. At Proximity we believe it is right for a client to access all possible data/detail/information in order to make an accurate hire without it being complicated.

Proximity have therefore partnered with NERIS Analytics. Neris have had over 50 million tests completed and their 12-minute assessment is not only accurate & efficient but provides immediate results.

These results provide clients with:
• An understanding of the candidate they are about to hire.
• A guide on utilising strengths of this individual to increase contribution to the business.
• A guide on the potential weaknesses in this individual that require support.
• To give extra detail around personality, leading to an effective, personalised induction.
• To understand their ambitions for the future.

As far as candidates are concerned, there are many positives including:
• Self-awareness and understanding for your ‘default’ personality.
• How to emphasise your strengths in the workplace.
• How to target improvement in your weaknesses.
• An insight into hiring for your own team, personality fits and induction plans.

The 12 minute Neris Test is offered to all our candidates.

Post-test you will receive an email with your suggested personality type that you can keep.

This result of this is that our client is supported to make the best possible hiring decision and equally the candidate accepts a position that will not only fit their skill set but within a business culture that will suit their personality & allow for future aspirations.