Best Talent

Making the best talent join your business.

In the Marketing & Digital industry demand is high for the best talent therefore Proximity Recruitment is committed to working with our client partners to ensure your offering makes you stand out from the crowd.

It is not unusual for a candidate to have 2, 3 or even more offers on the table within this highly competitive, fast-moving industry so be prepared for the ‘talent war’ and ‘pulling out all the stops’ to land the best candidate for your business.

This industry is an opportunity driven market so your new position must be engaging to any prospective employees. Look objectively at the opportunity within the role and the business. If you were in their position how could it benefit their career? Emphasise the key projects which the candidates can get excited about and the culture they’ll be operating in. Adjust the job specification to show this, be clear on the company vision and how marketing and/or digital are critical to achieving the firm’s goals.

Be aware that many candidates in marketing, digital and design leave their businesses due to a lack of ‘buy-in’ at the top level. Most candidates that come to Proximity looking for support are in environments where they don’t feel they have the platform to achieve and the support from a ‘non-marketing’ board. Make sure this isn’t you!

Be flexible on package. We know this is easy to say as we all have budgets to uphold however with counter offers predictable in this market a strong initial offer goes a long way to securing your chosen candidate. Make a weak offer and the power & influence of their current employer can win them back.

Emphasise your benefits. Be it flexibility of working hours, holidays, pension, gym membership as well as the little things that go a long way including free breakfast, dress down or charity days. Always remember the package is not just about the money but the feeling of belonging and being valued from day 1.

The biggest trap that clients fall into whilst trying to secure the best talent is a delay on making the decision. A well communicated delay for business reasons is clearly acceptable and candidates will understand, however broken promises of feedback timescales is an indication that the client is either indecisive, disorganised or not interested in the candidate all of which will result in a lack of engagement at this crucial stage. A strong, decisive offer however says a lot about your business intentions and gives the candidate an insight into an environment in which decisions get made and things get done.