Added Value

The Proximity Client Partnership, how can we help?

Building Your Brand

The partnership allows Proximity to share your good news stories and the exciting future of your business with the Midlands & Home Counties markets. Getting a great buzz from the potential employees of the future.

New Challenges

If you have a recruitment situation or challenge that your business hasn’t faced before we’re on-hand to support you through. With many years in the industry we may be able to provide solutions & ideas to support your processes through to a successful conclusion.

Time Efficiency

We know your time is precious and so we ensure you only interview candidates who have made the grade. Pre-screening is transparent and thorough to ensure your interview is to the point and effective.

Industry Insights

Speaking to a range of organisations and people across marketing & digital gives us exciting insights that we can share with our partners. Understanding trends, skill sets and market expectations will help you make informed decisions for the business.

‘In the Market’ as opposed to ‘On the Market’

Proximity are constantly meeting local candidates to review their careers, at the time of the meeting they may be looking but they also may not be. This gives us a holistic view of who is ‘In the Market’ rather than just ‘On the Market’ and so when the time comes for their move, we are already ahead of the competition for you.


Our WIN:WIN partnerships allow our clients to hire and retain the best Marketing & Digital talent in the Midlands & Home Counties market. True to form we partner you to help grow your business knowing the role we have to play.